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Lord Glendonbrook Upgrade to Solo Scholarship Suspended.

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March 8th to March 21 2020

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Please note the Lord Glendonbrook Scholarships have been suspended pending availabilty of funds.

Pilots who have completed the Wheelies with Wings course may be invited to apply for the

Lord Glendonbrook Upgrade to Solo Scholarship

Sir Micheal Bishop

Invitation is based on many factors including of course the applicant's flying ability. The scholarships must be used withen three months of completing the initial Suzi Duncan Scholarship.

There are two pathways to being able to fly solo. Download the Info package here.

Those that have completed the WwW course flying the Foxbat aircraft will have no further requirements except to be a current member of RA(AUS) and a valid drivers licence.

What is covered by the Scholarship?

The cost of 10 hours total (flying training and hopefully solo flying)

Flying Training to be arranged as required. Usually this is at Temora or Moruya.

It is possible that flying can be arranged with other Training Organisations around Australia.

Accommodation and Breakfast

This  is as required and based on actual nights used. up to 14 nights. It is expected that six nights would be the average.

Based on the daily current Goldtera (Temora) rate which is at the moment $105 per night.

Evening Meal Allowance

This is $20.00 per night.

Lunch Allowance

The lunch allowance Is $10.00.

Total maximum for meals $420.

Keep a record of the actual accommodation and number of meals  associated with your 10 hours of flying and after you finish send a summary to WwW (with copies of invoices of the accommodation) for a refund of costs.





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