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Lord Glendonbrook Upgrade to Solo Scholarships

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Brian Wilson (Solo November 2010 PA 28)

John Wade (Solo February 2012 Foxbat)

Geoffry Rose

John Marshall

Clayton Rumble

Michael Alston (Solo June 2012)

Mark Page (Solo 27th April 2012 Foxbat)

David Bell

Micheal Neroni (Solo May 2013)

Paul Carson

Trevor McLaren

Mark Harris (Solo June 2015)

May 2013 Update from Sheldon Jones Micheal Neroni's solo.

It all started with Michael having a refresher flight to get re-acquainted with the Foxbat, and progressing well to get the hang of circuits and eventually on dealing with emergencies.  By Friday he was doing circuits like a pro, but he was getting tired, so I was hoping for a nice day on Saturday.

Saturday was beautiful, with blue skies and light winds. After a few warm up circuits, I said "Time to do one on your own", and hopped out on the runway. There was another aircraft approaching the circuit, but I thought the timing would work out fine with Michael following the other aircraft in.  His takeoff was smooth, and with the reduced weight (must lay off those cakes!) the Foxbat climbed like a homesick angel. The spacing was great and Michael's calls came through loud and clear.  Michael was ready for the base leg, but the other aircraft had decided to do his circuit via West Wylong (said he took longer to slow down than expected), so Michael had to do a couple of orbits (he didn't seem to mind staying in the air a bit longer), before coming in to land. His approach was nice and smooth, his hold-off perfect and he landed the Foxbat solo for the first time.

Quincy and Janice, a couple of local residents and close followers of the Wheelies program, came down to congratulate Michael when he taxied in, after hearing him on the radio. They said he needed the aircraft cockpit all to himself to allow him to fit in his grin, which was still massive by the time I walked back to greet him.
Well done Michael, and congratulations again.



June 2012 Update from Michael Alston detailed report.

April 2012 Update from Mark Page

Thank you again for your support in getting me to fly solo. As I said when I was talking to you on the phone I really enjoyed flying solo. I now have made contact with a bloke that is in my area that may be interested in going in shares in an plane so I can continue flying. I am really keen to get to the next disabled pilots meeting. I thought it was a great bunch of people with some really inspirational stories.I will write an email to Lord Glendonbrook as soon as I get a chance to thank him also for his contribution as well.


Update from John Wade Feb 2012

Just letting you know that I have almost finished my training with Sheldon. I have reached solo and have possibly two
sessions left which I hope to possibly get a RA license. I have thoroughly enjoyed all that I have done up to date and hope to carry on to passengers and navs. John Wade.

Update from Sheldon Jones Feb 14th 2012

John Marshall - Came down for a trial run. Completed two hours in the Foxbat and is very enthusiastic to do more. He is able to fly the machine. He had some trouble getting in and out but got better with practice. He is booked in for a week in Moruya on the 28th February to complete his solo course.

Michael Alston - Suggested start date is April 19th to the 22nd for the solo course. 

Mark Page - Still planning

John Wade - Previously held a GA restricted license before a diving accident. Has now flown the Foxbat twice, is loving it and planning to do more shortly.

Steven Evans - Has come over from England (not one of the wheelies spronsored group), met everyone at the Disables Pilots Ascociation FLy-in in Griffith and have been flying in Moruya for the last few weeks, and last Friday went solo.


Brian Wilson

(Completed Wheeies introduction course in April 2009)

Upgrade to Solo Course November 2010

Moruya Flying Club Instructor Sheldon Jones

After his solo Brian was invited to join the WwW board.

Brian Wilson touches down smoothly after his first solo circuit!





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