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March 8th to March 21 2020

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Wheelies With Wings Suzi Duncan Scholarship Pilots

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May 2019

Shane Hyrhorec

Tim O'Loughlan

Andrew Hall

August 2018

Janna Sim

Gean Eckart

Joanne Argyle

May 2017

Simon Zondervan

Nathan Greenfield

Josh Potts

November 2015

Zsolt Ugrai

Jerome Wong

Peter Stokes

May 2015

Jake Nunn

Jassy Frew

Joe Stone



November 2014

Mark Harris

Michael Blyth

Alan Kirkegard

May 2014

Andrew Rambow

Trevor Robinson

Trevor Mc Laren

Oct 2013

Aaron Bidois

Sam Tait

Jade Roche

May 2013

Paul Carson

Adam Davies

Guy Menzies-Saunders

November 2012

Kieran Ryan

Melisa Toyne

Michael Neroni

(Branca Pupovac on special course)


May 2012

David Bell

Karen Downton

Julie Ennor Jones

November 2011

Brad Smith

Michael Alston (Solo June 2012)

Mark Page (Solo April 2012)

May 2011

John Marshall

Mark Marchiori


November 2010

Tan Nesbitt

Geoff Rose

Jenny Neil RIP

May 2010

Eddie Laycock

Nick Campbell

Christopher Tia

October 2009

Andrew Kayton

Matthew Shiemann

Clayton Rumble

April 2009

Brian Wilson (Solo Nov 2010)

Grant Bailey

Darren Bridges

November 2008

Richard Engles

Lucas Dudenas

June 2008

Dave Primmer

John Wade (Solo Feb 2012)

Russell Fawcett


November 2007

Greg Stebbings

Michael Hay

Daniel Kotja


April 2007

Marie Howarth

Adam Gallagher

Mal Pollard

April 2006

Annette Mawson

Steve Adolfi

Matt Brumby

April 2005

Bruno de Simone

Tim Jones



November 2003

Tony Parker

Jodie Stanley

Jeanette van Dongen

October 2002

Lisa Fisher

Cheryl Furnell

Julie Jones

April 2002

Mike Terren

Tim Hayes

April 2002

Pilot Mike Terren

Pilot Tim Haynes

No photo available

Oct 2002

Pilot Lisa Fisher

Pilot Cheryl Furnell

Pilot Julie Jones

Instructor Robert Gillie

Cheryl prepares for take off
I have fulfilled a dream, quite literally, one carried since an early age, to fly.
I have learned greatly from the others that things I had even thought impossible are more than possible.
I will continue to fly and will now even return to driving because of this activity and the confidence I gained and held with my instructor.

Julie's camera shy
This course has benefited me to now continue with further lessons to achieve a pilot's licence.

Lisa, ready to fly
It has (the course) boosted my confidence. I thought that I could never achieve flying a plane,
but with thanks to a great instructor and Wheelies with Wings, I have achieved.
I am now looking for my next challenge

Ian Richards CEO of Wheelies with Lisa, Cheryl and Julie

From Left: Robert Gillies-Instructor,
Deputy Mayor of Cooma-Monaro Shire Winston Phillips,
Member for Eden Monaro - Gary Nairn

Nov 2003

Pilot Tony Parker
Pilot Jodie Stanley
Pilot Jeanette van Dongen

Instructor David Newling

Tony Parker - Jodie Stanley - David Newling - Jeanette van Dongen
Graduation Ceremony of November 2003 at Polo Flat airfield Cooma NSW.

Jodie's story


April 2005 Temora

Pilot Bruno de Simone

Pilot Tim Jones

Instructor Jason Hall

Phil Sleep - Jason Hall (instructor) - Bruno de Simone - Tim Jones

Tim Bruno Suzi Duncan and Phil meet the RAAF Roulettes at Temora Aviation Museum NSW.
The Roulettes performed their aerial spectacular on behalf of Wheelies with Wings
and played a significant part in helping to raise around $30,000 on the day.

Suzi Duncan (initiator of Wheelies) flew from Victoria to open the presentation ceremony at Temora in May. Suzi addresses the two thousand strong crowd who came to Temora to see the air show.

Suzi (left) is pictured with Bruno, Tim and Phil in the front row. In the back row are Chief of Air Force Air Marshall Angus Houston, Rear Admiral Ian Richards (WwW) and David Lowy Patron of WwW. Chief of Air Force Houston came to Temora to present the successful students their graduation certificates.

The Wheelies with Wings flying wheelchair is used to help raise funds for future scholarships.
It is pictured here with members of the Rotary Club of Temora who spent the day selling raffle tickets to the large crowd of onlookers.
The prize, kindly donated by QANTAS was an hour flight in their 747 Simulator at the QANTAS base Mascot.


April 2006 Temora

Pilot Annette Mawson
Pilot Steve Adolfi
Pilot Matt Brumby
Brindabella Airlines Instructor James Perham

April 2007 Temora

Pilot Anne- Marie Howarth
Pilot Adam Gallagher
Pilot Mal Pollard
Brindabella Airlines Instructor James Perham


The course is designed to teach people who are
normally confined to wheelchairs to fly, and thereby
gain the confidence to live life more fully, and achieve
their potential. I suffered a spinal cord injury in a
motorcycling accident two years ago, and personally
the course has meant that I have regained some of the
confidence I lost from this experience.
The course also provided the opportunity to meet
people of similar background, experience and interests,
and I have formed lasting friendships with my fellow
course participants, Adam Gallagher and Mal Pollard,
and our instructor James Perham.
A real highlight of the course for me was being judged
only on the basis of my performance, my landings and
the student like quality of my radio calls.
Last but not least, I haven’t had this much FUN in
years. I know I also speak on behalf of Adam and Mal
when I say this.
So thank you again.
Yours sincerely,
Anne-Marie Howarth

November 2007 Temora

Pilot Greg Stebbings
Pilot Michael Hay
Pilot Daniel Kojta
Brindabella Airlines Instructor Hayley Wilson

Daniel Michael and Greg after their presentation from
Temora Flying Museum President David Lowy.
WWW Board members Ian Richard and David Glegg.

“We can fly!”

I just want to say Thank You to everyone concerned with this project. My brother Gregg Stebbings has just come back from Wheelies with Wings and it has had a huge impact on him. He was overwhelmed with the experience and it has been wonderful for him. Life has been a bit difficult for him over the last few years. Thank You so much for providing this opportunity and please thank your sponsors for such a generous gift. Chris Harris.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of flying again. The fortnight I spent in Temora was the best time I have had for a long time. The course was quite an experience and has me trying to figure a way to keep on flying. I think I’ll try micro light Aircraft in the future. I would like to express much gratitude for the whole experience.


Gregg Stebbings

June 2008 Temora

Pilot Dave Primmer
Pilot John Wade
Pilot Russell Fawcett
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Graham White

David Clegg speaks to the crowd with David Lowy and Museum Chief Executive Mr Kenny Love before the presentation.

Russell Fawcett, Dave Primmer, John Wade

The three meet the Roulettes

Moruya Flying Club Instructor Graham White

November 2008 Temora

Pilot Richard Engles
Pilot Lucas Dudenas
Visit by Owner Pilot Steve Byrne
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Graham White

David Lowy with the guys after the presentation.

Steve Byrne owner of VH-ARC attended the flying weekend and was presented with a certificate for his support of Wheelies With Wings.

April 2009 Temora

Pilot Brian Wilson
Pilot Grant Bailey
Pilot Darren Bridge
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Graham White

Grant, Darren and Brian


This experience has been the biggest booster in my adult life (not the slightest exaggeration) and I now intend to let the experience shine as a beacon for future life experiences. I feel that I have made lifelong friends with people in Temora and have already received invites from a few of the characters I met whilst in town.  For me Temora is a town I will always speak of with fondness. In regard to lifelong friends, Geez what can I say about the other participants Brian and Grant – I now consider are part of my family (don’t mean to be too sentimental) There are so many things I could keep writing about in regards to my participation in the Wheelies with Wings program but I wouldn’t want to ramble.

Darren Bridge

Oct 2009 Temora

Pilot Andrew Kayton
Pilot Mathew Shiemann
Pilot Clayton Rumble
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Sheldon Jones

Andrew, Sheldon, (Steve Byrne) Clayton, Mathew


"Of all the things I have done since my accident, nothing has taken me out of the mindset of being disabled more than this course." Clayton Rumble

May 2010 Temora

Pilot Eddie Laycock
Pilot Nick Campbell
Pilot Christopher Tia
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Sheldon Jones

Nick Chris and Eddy with Sheldon.


November 2010 Temora

Pilot Tan Nesbitt
Pilot Geoff Rose
Pilot Jenny Neil (RIP DEC 2010)
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Sheldon Jones

Pilot Geoff, Tan and Jenny
Sheldon standing

Wheelies with Wings Board members with the WwW Pilots

Ian Nicholas, Rob Rickards, Ian Richards and Geoff Morten.


May 2011 Temora

Pilot John Marshall
Pilot Mark Marchiori
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Sheldon Jones

Pilot John Marshall speaks to the crowd.

Presentation in front of the Museum Spitfire.

Great mates after two weeks. Got to love those smiles.


November 2011 Temora

Pilot Brad Smith
Pilot Michael Alston

(Read Michael's detailed report here)
Pilot Mark Page
Moruya Flying Club Instructor Sheldon Jones

Formation enroute Temora to Griffith.

Mark Michael and Brad make new friends.

The Disabled Pilots Association of Australia and the Foxbat.

May 2012 TEMORA

2012 05

David Bell, Karen Downton and Julie Ennor Jones

No words can express my thanks to you for telling me about the Wheelies opportunity - I had an absolutely AWESOME week ( as I am sure the ladies did too ) and am really just so glad that I accepted the chance to do something that I never contemplated I would do. Thank-you for your advice and support - it is so appreciated. David Bell

Click here for story from Julie


November 2012

Pilot Kieran Ryan

Pilot Melisa Toyne

Pilot Michael Neroni

Pilot (Branca Pupovac on special course)

Moruya Flying Club Instructor Sheldon Jones


MIchael Neroni Sheldon Jones and Melisa Toyne

Lord Glendonbrook and David Lowy present the course awards.


May 2013


Sheldon Jones with Paul Carson, Guy Menzies-Saunders and Adam Davies


Showing off certificates Check out the flying googles on Guy!



Oct 2013


Aaron Bidois standing with Sheldon Sam Tait and Jade Roche


May 2014


Andrew Rambow Trevor Robinson Trevor Mc Laren Sheldon Jones (Instructor) Club member.


Trevor Robinson

Trevor Mc Laren

Andy Rambow

Nov 2014


May 2014


Jake Nunn Jassy Frew and Joe Stone

May 2017

Brian Wilson (Dir) Simon Zondervan Nathan Greenfield Josh Potts Instructor Sheldon Jones (standing)





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